Quality, Welfare and Health are our objectives

We are delighted to announce that following a very busy day and night with midwifery duties, both Ingrid and Astrid have delivered 4 kittens each

There are several colours and patterns that are possible for our kittens:

  • Astrid's 3 Kittens could be Seal point, Seal Bicolour or Seal Mitted (Born 5th May 2022

  • Ingrid's 5 Kittens could be Blue point or Cream Point they could also be mitted  (Born 6th May 2022)

All ragdoll kittens are born white and their colours and patterns develop over the next few weeks, we also don't try to sex the kittens until they are older and prefer to have their gender confirmed by the vet.


Update - 22 May 2022

We have been absolutely astounded by the response to our announcement of Astrid and Ingrid's kittens which caused a storm of emails regarding reserving them, so at the moment 7 of the 8 kittens have been reserved and the 8th kitten is under assessment as a potential Queen. If she doesn't prove to be suitable for us she will become available to reserve.

We are however continuing our plans for litters this year and are still waiting to find out if our lovely Freya is pregnant as she went back in with our new boy Marple in the middle of April.  If Freya does turn out to be pregnant, her litter will be due the middle to end of June.  We also have Boudicca who will be joining Athelstan (Stanley) when she starts to call. 


As demand is high, please contact us by return if you are interested in any of our kittens, they can only be reserved by the payment of a deposit of £200 per kitten by Bank Transfer.

More exciting news coming soon!

Please Note: We do not hold a kitten buyer list as from previous experience we have found that this doesn't work very well for us, we can hold your details to let you know of Litters when born via email, which will be a standard email to advise of the litter, and this email will be sent to all on our list and a kitten is only reserved when a deposit has been paid for it.  We also post on our website as soon as they are born, this post also goes on our blog and on our facebook page.

Kitten Package

·         Both Parents are GCCF Registered

·         Both Parents are HCM and PKD clear

·         Kitten will be GCCF registered on the Non-Active Register

·         5 generation pedigree

·         Microchipped

·         Fully vaccinated (with vaccination card)

·         Fully vet checked at least twice

·         Litter trained

·         Scratch post trained

·         Buyer to Neuter at 5-6 months 

·         Wormed

·         Preventative flea treatment

·         5 weeks free pet insurance

·         Lifetime support and guidance

·         Kitten pack which includes, James Wellbeloved or Royal canin dry food, toys and Kitten care guide.


We do our utmost to ensure that when your new kitten arrives at your home, it does so happy, well socialised and healthy.


Our queens and stud have all been DNA laboratory tested for HCM and PKD to ensure that all our Active registered kittens are normal/normal.

We do not normally breed kittens for the Active register however we will consider requests on a case by case basis.


To protect the kittens, I recommend that you view them at around 9 weeks old after their first vaccination. A kitten of your choice can then be reserved and the deposit of £200 is paid. We do however make videos of the kittens prior to 9 weeks and they can be viewed and reserved prior should you wish. Face to face meetings can not take place prior to vaccination.


The cost of a GCCF Registered Pedigree (Non-Active) Pet kitten is:


£1000 (not including neutering)


For GCCF Registered Pedigree on the Active Register, Please contact me for price.


Ragdolls are indoor only cats and are sold on that basis. A secure garden with cat secure fencing, supervised playtimes or large cat house with enclosed run are acceptable to keep your precious Ragdoll safe.​


A £200 non - refundable deposit is required to reserve your chosen kitten at the time of kitten visit. Please note this deposit is not refundable if you are not able to complete the purchase for any reason.